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Unique sensor is able to detect a heart attack in a minute

It was developed by scientists from the National Institute of Science and Technology of Ulsan. Immunosensor measures the level of cardiac troponin I (cTnI) - a protein that enters the blood after a heart attack. For diagnose, only one drop of blood is needed. The result appears in a minute, NDTV says.

Dielectrophoretic forces are used for attraction of the needed protein. This allows to reduce significantly the time required for the detection of cTnI. Protein was quickly attracted to the areas with charged biomarkers. The scientists hope the immunosensor will help save many lives.By the way, researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology recently revealed a new blood biomarker of heart attack risk. It is a circulating microRNAs. The study showed that by the level of microRNA, it is possible to determine the risk ten years before the heart attack with 77.6% accuracy.

Source: МEDdaily