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Unique tablets make medicinal compounds to act up to two weeks

The question of duration of effect of medicines always stands before the doctors. According to the research of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and King's College London, the tablets that act for two weeks, could be designed, "MedikForum" reports. The advantage of these tablets is that they may maintain stable concentrations of the active agent, even if a person has forgotten to drink the medicine.
Tablets have unique properties. When they get inside the body, their shell is dissolved, and the tablet takes the form of a star. This form allows the tablet to remain in the stomach by holding on the wall. Then the tablet slowly dissolves itself within two weeks. It means that the active ingredients are released all that time.
In addition to the form, the tablet is stable (it does not decompose immediately). This fact allows the tablet to withstand the harsh conditions of the stomach. The tablets have already been tested as anti-malarial drugs. Meanwhile, the developers hope their tablets might help to treat diabetes, HIV, Alzheimer's disease and epilepsy.

Source: MEDdaily