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Universal influenza vaccine may become real

Researchers from the University of Michigan and Ikana Medical School came close to creating a universal vaccine against influenza, Xinhua reports. The scientists have analyzed the condition of people infected with influenza and tested their blood for different antibodies.

Typically, the concentration of antibodies in 1:40 cases is associated with 50% protection against the disease (in other words it may work in half the cases). A similar situation was observed in the study, but with special antibodies that respond to the core part of the virus. The 4-fold increase of such antibodies concentration was associated with 42% protection against infection.

In addition, the influenza virus is covered with two types of proteins - hemagglutinin and neuraminidase. Traditional vaccines are aimed at the main part of hemagglutinin only. This part constantly changes depending on the strain of the virus. Now it is proposed to aim at the core of protein, which changes less frequently.

Source: Xinhua