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VIR Biotechnology has demonstrated a new effective drug for hepatitis B prevention

Following a study presented at the Digital International Liver Congress, patients with hepatitis B received experimental VIR-2218. A statistically significant decrease in HBeAg surface antigen levels at different dosage regimens has been found.

The developer of the new drug VIR-2218 is VIR Biotechnology specializing mainly in viral hepatitis B. This pharmaceutical agent is aimed at RNA of the pathogen:  it "turns off" the virus genetic apparatus by using the known mechanism of RNA interference (RNAi). VIR-2218 has a prolonged action and inhibits the transcription of all ten known genotypes of hepatitis B virus. Another advantage of the new drug is subcutaneous administration. If the potential of VIR-2218 is confirmed, then it can become the basis for the development of new therapy systems aimed at treating patients with chronic hepatitis B.


Source: HEALIO