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Virologists have found a protein that improves the course of influenza and reduces the risk of death

According to scientists from the University of Maryland, the protein is called retrocyclin-101 (RC-101). As The Times of India notes, the protein is unique. It not only affects the influenza virus, but also affects the inflammation occurred.

The experts have tested RC-101 on human cells and animal models. In the first experiment, two positive effects were identified. First, the protein did not allow the virus to infect the cells. Secondly, it blocked inflammation causing symptoms of influenza (fever, pain, drowsiness, breathing problems).

In the second experiment (on animals), two groups of mice were used. The mice were given a lethal dose of the influenza virus. The first group received RC-101 two days after infection, and the second received placebo. As a result, , the symptoms of influenza became less severe and mortality declined due to RC-101 activity. In the control group, 90% of mice have died, and in the main group – only 20%. Although RC-101 is not present in the human body, it is present in some animals. For example, the protein provides a powerful antiviral protection in orangutans.

Source: The Times of India