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What can threaten swimming in the ponds?

What a pleasure it is to swim in cool water and hide from the heat in a hot summer day. But people often forget about safety measures and swim in inappropriate places.

Different living organisms in water can lead to various diseases. Thus, if a person has cuts, the risk to get leptospirosis increases. Also there is a possibility to get cryptosporidiosis infection, Escherichia coli, which is often connected with food poisoning. 

Enterovirus infection, helminth disease can be transmitted through contaminated water. Also cases of hepatitis A may occur if you accidentally swallow water.

In the summer period the most widespread danger for swimmers, who like to splash in the water is a “swimmer’s itch” (cercarial dermatitis). The typical symptoms of this disease are itching, papules ( in a few hours after swimming). According to the specialists, a causative agent of this disease is duck helminthes’ larval in the water. “Swimmer’s itch” is an unpleasant disease that requires long-term treatment, especially if these larvae coped to get into blood and then into lungs. 

According to doctors, the swimmers are threatened by streptococcal and staphylococcal infections, inflammatory diseases of the genital organs (vaginosis, colpitis, cervicitis), cystitis, eczema.

Source: RBK