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What does high quality of life consist of?

We often substitute notions in our life. It also regards the notion "quality of life".

Many people think that quality of our life is larger dwelling space, entertaining trips abroad, climbing up the service ladder. But when our health lets us hear from it, there appears new understanding of this notion. Human vitality (which includes strength and desire to live, as well as resistance to diseases and our mood in general) depends on many things, having worked on which you will be able to improve the quality of your life. Your mood will improve, as well as the color of your face; chronic diseases will disappear and may be you will want to make revolutionary changes: try on a wedding dress, buy expensive adornments or redesign your flat.  

By the way, it is also better to go to the altar in the state of increased vitality.And especially after killing preparations, at the end of which it is worth to visit a wedding salon in Tulskaya Street.

First of all, pay attention to what you eat. It is from it we derive energy. And if we eat chemically treated products, stale fish and meat, our organism not only never fills with useful substances, but also begins to carry out additional work to excrete toxins and chemicals, which really exhausts.

Secondly, assess the water you drink. It should be purified with special filters with regularly changed cartridges. Buying ready-made purified water you cannot be sure that the processes of its purification were sparing, and as the result water did not lose all its minerals necessary for human organism.

Thirdly, try to normalize your sleep. It should be neither too long nor too short, as well as interrupted or not deep. To achieve it, you should not eat before going to bed, watch harmful news or films, as well as you should know how to relax. Only the person with good sleep has the taste to life and the desire to be conspicuous. With such a mood it is possible to buy an evening dress and an expensive necklace.

Fourthly, make breaks. If you do not relax from time to time, having adequate rest, you may "drive" yourself into deep depression and in the condition of a chronic patient. Many people wrongly think that change of activity is an excellent rest. But it is not true. Television, computer games, visits to a club after work will not substitute several hours of absolute rest, which will give your energy for several days.

Fifthly, fight sedentary life. It means not only physical activity, but also your way of thinking. Keeping oneself within rigorous bounds, a person has more possibilities to drive himself into the corner. And it may lead both to physical and psychological disorder.


Adopted from: Eurolab