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WHO has announced the start of first trials of COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine

On Wednesday WHO General Director Tedros Adhan Ghebreyesus said that scientists have started the first test of the new type of COVID-19 vaccine. “The first vaccine testing is started 60 days after the coronavirus genetic sequence was studied. This is an incredible achievement” said Mr. Gebreyesus at the WHO press conference in Geneva.
“We thank the researchers around the world who have come together to systematically evaluate of experimental therapy” said Mr. Gebreyesus.

In addition, Mr. Gebreyesus said that WHO is arranging a study on COVID-19 treatment.

According to Mr. Gebreyesus, countries such as Argentina, Bahrain, Canada, France, Iran, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland and Thailand have joined the study.

He noted that with the help of such study it is possible to identify the most effective method of treating the coronavirus infection consequences.