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XI National Congress of Cardiologists:

Ukraine occupies one of the first places in the world as for the rate of heart diseases…

Ukraine occupies one of the first places in the world as for the rate of morbidity and mortality due to vascular and cardiac diseases. It was said at the press-conference dedicated to the XI National Congress of Cardiologists of Ukraine.

In the opinion of the Head of Dyslipidemia Department of the Institute of Cardiology named after N.D. Strazheska of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Professor Yelena Mytcherko, large-scale measures aimed at prevention of such diseases as obesity, diabetes mellitus and smoking can improve social and medical situation associated with high mortality due to cardiovascular diseases. 

"All young levels of the students and working young people are involved in smoking. This habit is really dangerous for people’s health, making worse all indexes of morbidity and mortality. Giving up smoking is a rather simple measure to improve all statistics", - Ye. Mytcherko noted. The head of the Department of resuscitation and intensive care of the Institute of Cardiology named after N.D. Strazheska, Professor Aleksandr Parkhomenko, underlined, that in our country cardiovascular mortality is the leading cause among the others. 

"Among all risk factors, the basic one is an acute coronary syndrome, providing quality medical help to the patient, which may save his life. Speaking about acute coronary syndrome, for some reason many of us think about infraction and stenocardia and forget that 75% victims of this pathology die before hospitalization", - A. Parkhomenko said.

According to his words, a register has been conducted in Ukraine together with European Society of Cardiologists. "The time of ambulance arriving over one hour and the time of hospitalization delay over three hours are not acceptable. I think, that today one of most first-priority tasks for professionals working in this field is not only introduction of new methods, but also a significant improvement of emergency care organization", - A. Parkhomenko noted.


Adopted from: UNIAN