Our new products

ANANTA MEDICARE has registered plant-based food supplements GLIBOFIT and ZENSIMAX in the Republic of Moldova

We are glad to announce that on the 13th of September 2016 the company ANANTA MEDICARE successfully completed the registration process and received State Registration Certificates in the Republic of Moldova on the following food supplements:

GLIBOFIT, capsules №60 in blisters

ZENSIMAX, syrup in vials №1

Thus, in the next months the company will start to sale these products on the territory of Moldova also.

Glibofit is a unique complex of medicinal plants, which improves the pancreas function, regulates blood glucose levels and reduces the risk of complications in diabetes mellitus.

Glibofit can be recommended for patients with prediabetes to reduce risk of diabetes mellitus type 2 and for those patients who take hypoglycemic drugs to lower doses and to prevent diabetes mellitus complications:

To normalize blood glucose levels To improve carbohydrate metabolism To prevent complications of diabetes To prevent cardiovascular diseases As an adjunct to diet when impaired glucose tolerance To lower the dose of oral hypoglycemic drugs

Zensimax is a herbal remedy, created on the basis of old recipes. It is prescribed for the protection of women’s health. Herbal ingredients, included in Zensimax, have a gently effect on the female body, a complex effect on the various developments of the pathogenesis of disease and they are safety for long-term treatment of chronic diseases.

Zensimax is used:

  • In the complex treatment of inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs (adnexitis, salpingitis, oophoritis, endometritis)
  • In disturbance of menstrual cycle (polimenorragii, menorrhagia, menometrorrhagias, algomenoree)
  • In premenstrual syndrome and menopause
  • In the recovery period after abortion

We recall that these products have already been registered and marketed in India and Ukraine successfully.