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ANANTA MEDICARE LTD. has obtained the Certificate of the state registration of FLORIUM in EAEU

The long-term plans of development of ANANTA MEDICARE LTD include the expansion of geography of business in the CIS countries, the representation of its own production and the promotion of brand ANANTA MEDICARE LTD in the international market.

On April 8, 2016 ANANTA MEDICARE LTD. obtained the Certificate of the state registration in EAEU (the Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and the Kyrgyz Republic) for the food supplement FLORIUM, capsules No. 14 (Italy). It allows to sell this product on the territory of all countries listed above.

FLORIUM is an oral symbiotic with the patented structure of lactobacilli for the recovery of vaginal microflora.

The product allows to:

  • eliminate a bacterial vaginosis within 1 week
  • protect a woman and a fetus during all pregnancy
  • prepare the maternal passages for the prevention of infection of the baby during childbirth and development of postnatal complications.

FLORIUM has already been registered in a number of countries: Italy, Spain, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Singapore and USA. ANANTA MEDICARE LTD. hopes for a successful launch of this product in the CIS.