ANANTA MEDICARE LTD. has obtained the Certificate of the state registration of some products in Moldova

We are glad to announce that on March 28, 2016 ANANTA MEDICARE LTD obtained the Certificate of the state registration in Moldova for the food supplement ANANTAVATI, tablets No. 30 (India). It will allow to sell this product on the territory of Moldova.

 ANANTAVATI – is a unique natural antistress complex.

The product allows to:

  • reduce the level of irritability
  • reduce the level of anxiety
  • reduce the level of depression
  • improve a stress resistance
  • normalize sleep phases.

Thus, ANANTAVATI has added a line of the food supplement of the company that had been registered earlier in Moldova:

  • urological profile (Nokamen®), therapeutic profile (Gamma natural syrup, Gamma lozenges ), gastroenterological profile (Gepaklin®), manufactured at the plant ANANTA MEDICARE (India);
  • gynecological profile (Florium®), manufactured under the brand of ANANTA MEDICARE in Italy.

We remind, that all of these products have already been registered and successfully are on sale in India, Ukraine and other countries of the world.