Beautyform is an innovative drink for weight loss

Nowadays, overweight and obesity are a serious medical and social problem, the relevance of which is determined, first of all, by its extent.

 More than half of the adult population in Ukraine is overweight. At a conservative estimate, one in four women and one in six men suffer from overweight. In total, over 15% of the population in our country suffers from obesity.

Excessive body weight – what is the reason?


  1. Excessive food intake – increase in consumption of high-calorie products with a high content of fat, salt and sugars, but with a reduced content of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and other micronutrients.
  2. Hypodynamia – reduction of physical activity as a result of motionless types of activities (as a result of the partiality to a sedentary lifestyle, more than 300 calories daily remain unspent, that in 1 year may be transformed into 12-15 kg of excess weight).
  3. Genetic predisposition.
  4. Metabolic diseases.

In overweight people risk of ischemic heart disease and liver diseases rises 4 times, risk of diabetes mellitus rises

5 times; there is also an increased risk of impotence, menstrual disorders, and infertility in women.

The lifespan of overweight people is shortened by 7-10 years, and that of obese people – by 15 years!

  Methods of excess weight correction:

- calorie restriction diet that also changes proportion of staple foods. The optimal choice is a balanced hypocaloric diet with 500-1000 kcal/day deficit;

- increase of physical activity intensity and duration.

  Adults, aged 18 to 64 years, should do 150 min of moderate-intensity or 75 min of intensive physical activity per week. Combination of physical activities of different intensity is possible;

- use of food additives with certified safety and efficiency;

- use of medicinal preparations;

- surgical treatment.

Which method of weight correction to choose?

Successful weight loss largely depends on a low-calorie diet, when daily energy consumption is higher, than the amount of calories, received from food. However, a low-calorie diet and physical activities allow to lower the body weight less than by 10%. Though, only 15% of patients follow the diet during a long time. That is why this method of weight correction as monotherapy is not very effective.

Use of dietary supplements and medicines as a monotherapy can lower the body weight by 8-10% a year from initial values. In this regard, to achieve the stated objective to reduce the weight, it is necessary to consider a comprehensive program, which includes diet therapy, physical activities and administration of harmless dietary supplements.

  The arsenal of weight-reduction medicinal preparations and dietary supplements is quite big. However, many of them have a number of side effects: they can cause steatorrhoea (fat indigestion), diarrhea. Administration of some weight-loss drugs is often accompanied by meteorism and abdominal spastic pains. Some drugs have negative effects on CNS, and there are also those, which increase arterial tension and worsen the general condition.

  Sometimes, particular weight-loss drugs cause addiction.

  Thus, the weight loss problem remains undetermined.

  “Ananta Medicare” company has launched a unique dietary supplement to Ukrainian pharmaceutical market - Beautyform. This supplement is intended for effective and safe weight loss.

Beautyform is a high-quality dietary supplement made in Japan.

Beautyform binds together the molecules of fat and eliminates non-absorbed fat from the organism in a natural way (fecal excretion), without causing side effects (diarrhea, steatorrhoea).
As a result, an organism begins to consume existing fat deposits, thus, it starts burning its own fat and contributes to weight loss.

Beautyform has a complex multidirectional effect on the organism:

  1. Damps hunger.
  2. Binds together the molecules of fat and eliminates them from the organism.
  3. Prevents absorption of cholesterol in the intestine.
  4. Normalizes intestinal microflora.
  5. Facilitates production of the muscle tissue.
  6. Saturates the organism with beneficial substances.

The pharmaceutical form of Beautyform is a powder for oral liquid in sticks (1.5 g ¹10 and ¹30).

Method of use: 1-2 sticks of Beautyform a day before main meal.

Beautyform is an innovative drink for weight loss!

Beautiform is a weight control!