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FLORIUM has passed the voluntary certification of goods LLC "STC"SERTEK" in Russian

Let us remind that on April 8 and May 26, 2016 the company ANANTA MEDICARE LTD. obtained the state registration certificate on food supplement FLORIUM capsules and №14 in bulk №1000 (Italy) in EAEC (the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan). This allows to sell the product in all countries listed above.

FLORIUM is an oral symbiotic with a patented composition of lactobacilli to recover vaginal microflora.

For the successful promotion of the product it was decided to pass additional certification procedure in accordance with the system of voluntary certification of goods, "InfraSerT" works and services in "Research and Technology Center of Certification and Expertise." The system is registered in the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Russian Federation.

As a result of the expertise, there was received the Certificate of Conformity № ROSS RU.3387.04IV00.01.N00110 dated 15.06.2016, and the Authorization for the use of the mark of conformity of the system of voluntary certification of goods, works and services №00110 / 16 dated 06.15.2016.

Thus, on the basis of the clinical studies the certification authority has confirmed the effectiveness of the product, and approved the following indications for use for FLORIUM:

It is recommended as an additional source of probiotic lactobacilli, it promotes the normalization of intestinal and vaginal microflora, including in pregnant women. The effect is achieved after 1 week of intake. Information about the effectiveness of the biologically active additive presented in annotation and label is proved by clinical studies.

the Certificate of Conformity