Our new products

Herbal remedy for the normalization of bowel functions is already in the range of pharmacies!

A new herbal complex Fibolex, produced by ANANTA MEDICARE LTD, has already appeared at the pharmacies of your city. This herbal complex contains three active ingredients, such as psyllium seed husk, green tea extract and natural wheat fibres. Each of the components has many positive effects. Psyllium seed husk acts as a laxative; gently and physiologically helps to get rid of constipation and normalize defecation. Green tea extract has an antitoxic effect and improves metabolic processes. Natural wheat fibres have prebiotic properties and a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora.

Fibolex is produced in sachet and has two flavours such as orange and apple. This will allow the buyer to choose a more suitable option.

A new remedy Fibolex can be recommended for conditions that require a mild laxative effect and the normalization of bowel functioning.

The marketing service of ANANTA MEDICARE LTD carries out an active information work among specialized doctors, pharmacists and pharmaceutists to provide detailed information about Fibolex.