In the near future, a new product – Santigen sachet, produced by ANANTA MEDICARE LTD, is expected to be launched on the Ukrainian market. This is a microbial complex of bidirectional action for the gastrointestinal microflora regulation. The distinctive advantage of Santigen is that it contains both probiotics and prebiotics.


Probiotic is spore-forming lactobacillus, which contributes to the microflora improvement. Lactobacillus has a high survival rate due to the spore form, as well as it does not collapse under the action of gastric juice and bile acids, antibiotics and high temperature. The prebiotic component is represented by three types of bacteria that complement each other and potentiate the action.

Santigen can be recommended for dysbacteriosis and diarrhea, as well as for general body strengthening for adults and children over 6 years of age.