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can be recommended for normalization of gastrointestinal tract and excretion of toxic substances. The product has pronounced sorption and detoxification properties

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Read this package leaflet carefully before using SORBENT-A! Keep this leaflet, because you may need to reread it. If you have some questions, consult your doctor or pharmacist.


General characteristics.

Composition: 1 sachet contains: silicon dioxide – 1.9 g, liquorice root extract – 100 mg.

Release form: powder for oral suspension.


SORBENT-A is a detoxifying agent with pronounced sorption and anti-inflammatory properties. It normalizes the function of the gastrointestinal tract, improves metabolism and removes toxins. It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antispasmodic effects and improves well-being as well.


Silicon dioxide

Silicon dioxide contributes to the excretion of exo- and endotoxins, toxic products of incomplete decomposition of large organic compounds, pathogenic antigens and allergens of microbial or other origin. The antidiarrheal effect of silicon dioxide is to envelop the intestinal mucosa thereby preventing the adhesion of microorganisms and their colonization. Also, it inhibits the action of stimulators of intestinal fluid secretion (sodium deoxycholates, cAMP and serotonin) due to appropriate receptors exposure. An additional mechanism of antidiarrheal action is the structuring of intestinal contents due to the pronounced hydrophilic properties of silicon dioxide.

Silicon dioxide has pronounced adsorption effect on cholesterol, bile pigments (including bilirubin), phospholipids, monosaccharides and proteins (300-600 mg per 1 g of sorbent), containing the primary amino group.

Glycyrrhiza glabra (liquorice extract)

Liquorice contains glycyrrhizic acid, which inhibits inflammatory processes, strengthens and prolongs the life of mucosal cells, improves blood supply to affected areas and accelerates recovery. That is why liquorice is used in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract from ancient times. Liquorice extract prevents the reproduction of viruses and infectious diseases. It normalizes metabolism, and has enveloping and antispasmodic effects.


Recommendations for use: can be recommended for normalization of gastrointestinal tract and excretion of toxic substances. The product has pronounced sorption and detoxification properties.

It is recommended to consult your doctor before use.


Method of administration: the content of 1 sachet (2.0 g) should be thoroughly stirred with cooled boiled water in 50 – 100 ml (1/4 – 1/2 glass) until uniform suspension occurs. Take orally 1 hour before meals or medications.

Adults should take 3 to 4 sachets per day.

Children aged 3 to 7 should take 1 sachet divided into 3-4 servings per day.

Children aged 7 to 14 should take 1 sachet divided into 2-3 servings per day


Maximum duration of use: 14 days, or as per doctor’s prescription.


Warnings: the product is not recommended for children under 3 years of age, pregnant and lactating women and people with individual hypersensitivity to the components, intestinal obstruction, acute peptic and  duodenal ulcer, gastric and intestinal bleeding. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.  The product should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet.

It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids to prevent constipation.

Storage conditions: store in the original manufacturer's package at a temperature not exceeding 25 °C. Keep out of reach of children.

Packaging: 2 g sachet; 20 sachets in a pack.

Shelf life: 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Manufacturer: Biodeal Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Vill. Saini Majra, Nalagarh Ropar Road, Nalagarh-174101, Distt. Solan (H.P.), India.

Importer/organization authorized to receive consumer complaints: Evitas Ltd., 37, Iskrinska str., Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61001, tel.: +38(057)766-07-44.