News of the company

Company Ananta Medicare congratulated its partners on the occasion of the 8th of March

One of festive banquets dedicated to International Women’s Day took place in Severodonetsk on March 5, 2010.

95 doctors and provisors from Severodonetsk, Rubezhnoye, Starobelsk, Schastye, Novy Aydar, Kremennaya, and Lisichansk were present at the banquet. Chemist’s shop nets were represented by Lugansk Regional Communal Manufacturing Enterprise “Pharmatsiya”, private enterprise “Nisan”, private enterprise “Vital”, private enterprise “Zdorovye”, private enterprise “Falbi”, and private enterprise “Sana”.  

The report made by ENT-doctor Logozinskiy Aleksandr Leonidovich “Antibiotic therapy in ENT-practice” was presented to doctors and provisors before cultural program. The report was dedicated to author’s clinical experience of use of the preparations Aziclar, Gatilin, Flamifix, and Itrungar in treatment of otorhinolaryngological diseases. In the opinion of the author, practical experience of use of the preparations presented by the company Ananta Medicare demonstrates that they have high effectiveness in treatment of ENT-organ diseases.

The second report, which was presented by Company’s product-manager of the antibacterial group of preparations Kostochka Viktoriya Aleksandrovna, was dedicated to the benefits of community-acquired pneumonia treatment with the preparation Aziclar from pharmaeconomic point of view.   


At the banquet there was both much useful and much pleasant. Owing to the company Ananta Medicare, active organizational work of Company’s medical representative Ahmad Roufa, and active support of field-force manager Ryzhov Vadim Alekseyevich,  our guests could have a good rest, try the cuisine of popular restaurant “Golden Palace”, watch wonderful dance performances, listen to live saxophone music and songs of local variety actors, and take part in different competitions.  

In Odessa, on March 4, 2010, in the restaurant of Armenian cuisine “Ararat” located at the Black Sea shore, there was conducted a banquet for heads of chemist’s shop nets, heads of chemist’s shops and retail pharmacists. The banquet was organized by the team of medical representatives of Odessa region.

At the beginning of the festive event guests of the evening took part in the review presentation dedicated to the preparations of the company Ananta Medicare portfolio. After this presentation our guests became utterly absorbed by holiday atmosphere, as interesting entertaining competitions and dances were organized for them.

All guests present at the banquets – doctors and provisors – received an enormous supply of positive energy and learned much useful information, which help them in their difficult and responsible work, aimed at maintaining health of our customers.