The experts showed a method of how to improve human potential

The experts of Wolverhampton University and University of Sheffield have established that if you often repeat the motivated purpose, for example, the phrase «I can do it better», then you can really improve your potential and perform any task efficiently.

An artificial pancreas will be released in the near future.

An artificial pancreas is a device that controls the level of blood glucose in patients with diabetes mellitus of type one, and then automatically adjusts the level of insulin that gets into the body. This device will be prepared by 2018.

Medical Breakthrough: in Ukraine, visitors will be allowed to come into intensive care

However, the guests are strictly forbidden to interfere with the operation of the equipment and interfere with the treatment process. In Ukraine, relatives of patients, who are in intensive care unit, will be allowed to come into the ward in any time.

WHO considers that hot drinks are sources of cancer.

Very hot liquids were recognized as provocateurs of cancer.

Human diet can effect on the character

The results of recent study have shown that the human diet can effect on the character.

The male population first moved beyond the femaleThe male population first moved beyond the female

In some European countries the number of men with regard to the number of women increases. The cause of this fact still cannot be explained by the experts as it has never happen before.

Experts recommend to abandon the standard office furniture.

Occupational hygiene specialists claim that the renunciation of usual office desks to high desks will help to preserve the health of employees as well as increase the productivity of labour.

Experts have told how to overcome the global threat - supergerms

Scientists have made an unfavorable forecast: if we don’t change the situation with the use of antibiotics immediately then by 2050 supergerms will kill a person every three seconds. Thus, in the near future we can expect the aggravation of the situation with the treatment of resistant infections of bacterial nature.

For the first time an experimental treatment has defeated HIV

For the first time molecular biologists and geneticists using CRISPR / Cas9 gene editing technique could successfully cut a DNA fragment belonging to HIV, from the genome of infected animals.

Sesame seeds reduce the level of oxidative stress

Specialists of the State University of Rio de Janeiro and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) recommend to treat the diet with plenty of foods with sesame. It turns out that these seeds and products made from these seeds, help the human body to fight an oxidative stress. Sesame oil is very useful.