The difference between women’s and men’s brain has been defined

An international team of scientists from Israel, Germany, Switzerland and the United States has conducted MRI investigation of the brain in 1400 men and women. Experts tried to find out if there are gender differences in the brain, and what sex has more developed logical thinking, and critical.

What kind of vitamins residents of cities should intake?

Antioxidants, such as vitamin C, can protect organism from bad molecules

The best age for the childbirth is determined

The scientists of Zurich University claim that they have found an ideal age for childbirth. It has appeared that the age of 25 is an optimum age for the woman to give birth.

ANANTA MEDICARE LTD. has obtained the Certificate of the state registration of some products in Moldova

We are glad to announce that on March 28, 2016 ANANTA MEDICARE LTD obtained the Certificate of the state registration in Moldova for the food supplement ANANTAVATI, tablets No. 30 (India). It will allow to sell this product on the territory of Moldova

ANANTA MEDICARE LTD. has obtained the Certificate of the state registration of FLORIUM in EAEU

The long-term plans of development of ANANTA MEDICARE LTD include the expansion of geography of business in the CIS countries, the representation of its own production and the promotion of brand ANANTA MEDICARE LTD in the international market.

ANANTA MEDICARE LTD. took part in the largest congress and exhibition event of the CIS countries - IPhEB & CPhI Russia 2016

During the period from March 30 to April 1, 2016 ANANTA MEDICARE LTD., as an exhibitor, was taking part in the International forum in the field of pharmaceutics and biotechnologies and the Exhibition of pharmaceutical ingredients, productions and distributions of medicines IPhEB & CPhI Russia 2016


Specialists from University of Utah have accidentally found an effective remedy against herpes virus of 4th type, also known as "Epstein-Barr virus".


Thanks to a new method of breast cancer therapy, thousands of women will be able to avoid the wasting and destructive side effects of chemotherapy. Moreover, the scientists have argued that the new method kills cancer cells in 11 days only. It is an essential breakthrough against prolong therapy by currently existing conservative methods of treatment.


Spontaneous abortion can occur one by one at each pregnancy but doctors do not reveal any disturbances of reproductive function at these women. But the British researchers have managed to establish the cause of this phenomenon.


American researchers have reported about development of revolutionary therapy against leukemia.