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Discovery: the immune system works like the brain

According to Xinhua, scientists from the National University of Australia have discovered a unique activity of the human immune system. This discovery can help to cure autoimmune diseases, lymphomas and immune deficiencies.

Influenza virus is going to become a terrible weapon against cancer

A common influenza virus has a unique power that can destroy cancer cells in cancer patients, The Daily Mail reports. As part of the experiment, scientists are going to test the in vivo-derived strain of influenza. It will be administered to sick mice and several patients with cancer.

Physicians now able to diagnose brain injury without scanning

Scientists have found inflammatory biomarkers. On their basis it is possible to create a test. In the first hours after an accident this test will show whether the brain is injured, The Indian Express reports. Such test would be very useful for sports and ambulance doctors.

Existing medicines can defeat dangerous infections

Scientists say that for the treatment of viral and bacterial infections, existing medicines should be used alone or in combination with other medicines. This will be more effective than the development of new treatments, Deccan Chronicle reports.

For the first time in 20 years in the United States a medicine against sickle-cell anemia was approved

According to "Remedium", sickle-cell anemia is a dangerous genetic blood disease. Previously, patients were treated with hydroxyurea only. Now, L-glutamine amino acid (brand name Endari), designed by Emmaus Medical Inc., will be put into practice. This medicine is designed to reduce the intensity of severe complications of the disease.

 Geneticists suggested an effective method against tuberculosis

Cornell University has presented a discovery which will allow to create effective drugs for tuberculosis. According to Zee News, this is about a key metabolic mechanism in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Study has shown that diabetes and sleep apnea are a dangerous combination

Scientists from Birmingham University have found that people suffering from type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea are more prone to diabetic retinopathy. This diabetes complication is the leading cause of vision loss worldwide. 40-50% of patients with diabetes face with diabetic retinopathy, Medical Xpress reports.

Scientists have designed a unique model of heart valves

Scientists used 3D printing technology to create individual models of heart valves. They imitate the physiological properties of these heart valves. The scientists say that their invention will increase the success of transcatheter implantation of aortic valves and will avoid complications such as perivalvular leakage.