Scientists claim that the new anesthetic is more effective than morphine

Scientists say, they have developed an alternative to morphine, which does not cause breathing problems. A respiratory arrest is one of the main causes of death with an overdose of morphine, The Australian says. Plus, the alternative is not addictive.

Unique sensor is able to detect a heart attack in a minute

It was developed by scientists from the National Institute of Science and Technology of Ulsan. Immunosensor measures the level of cardiac troponin I (cTnI) - a protein that enters the blood after a heart attack. For diagnose, only one drop of blood is needed. The result appears in a minute, NDTV says.

New method will allow to monitor a genes’ activity in a brain

It helps to identify the areas where genes are "turned off". This method might simplify the diagnosis of disorders such as Alzheimer's disease or schizophrenia. The new technique is a type of positron emission tomography (PET), says Popular Science.

Stem cells may help the children with arthropathy

Indian researchers are planning to use stem cells for the treatment of Perthes disease. This disease is a very common. It is associated with a disturbance of blood supply to the femoral head. The new method of treatment will save children from disability, says The Times of India.

Thanks to novel treatment you will forget about kidney stones

Kidney stones can be dissolved by the unique combination of calcium oxalate. Also it can prevent the occurrence of stones, says Business Standard with the reference to the discovery of the University of Houston.

Experts have told what the weak link of conventional antidepressants is

It is known that antidepressants start to work not so fast - sometimes it takes weeks or months to feel the effect from that. Finally, the experts of University of Illinois understood why this treatment takes so long, said The Daily Mail.

Now we know, where we can find a universal remedy for all flu strains

Virologists have identified three types of antibodies that can neutralize the different strains of influenza virus. This is another step towards obtaining a universal flu vaccine. As it is known due to mutations of the virus, seasonal influenza vaccine has to be updated each year. However the virus has a constant part which might be an ideal target for vaccine’s antibodies.

Brain stimulators were not so safe

There is a whole class of drugs that are popular among students. It is believed, these drugs help to learn. But, in fact, they damage the brain, said experts. As reported by The Daily Mail, in the opinion of Nadira Faber of the University of Oxford, the drugs can impair a short-term memory

In Ukraine, for the first time an artificial heart was transplanted

In Ukraine, for the first time an artificial heart was transplanted. It was announced by Boris Todurov the director of Institute of Heart.

The new method will replace the corneal transplant operation

The scientists of the University of Chicago declare that this method will change the lives of people with a common eye disease. The procedure is cheaper and safer than surgical intervention. According to “The Times of India”, the patients with Fuchs syndrome - dystrophy of the cornea, have participated in the study.