Scientists are on the verge of development of new treatments for peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is the result of peripheral nerve damage. Symptoms vary from numbness, tingling, muscle weakness to severe pain, paralysis, and organ dysfunction. Peripheral neuropathy often develops in diabetics and people with HIV. Scientists of the University of California have carried out experiments with cells and rodents suffering from peripheral neuropathy associated with diabetes of the 1st, 2nd type, chemotherapy and HIV, Medical Xpress reports.

Experts have approached to creation of a cure for Autism

Researchers from the University of California have discovered a new biomarker in the EEG in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), suffering from Dup15q syndrome. The reason of Dup15q syndrome is a duplication of the section of 15th chromosome. This is one of the most common genetic abnormalities associated with ASD, Medical Xpress reports.

Discovery: a concussion and Alzheimer's disease are closely related

Hitherto, doctors believed that severe traumatic brain injury is one of the key risk factors for the development of neurodegenerative diseases. But a new study conducted in the School of Medicine at Boston University, has shown that even mild brain concussion can lead to negative consequences, The Daily Mail reports.

Researchers have approached to creation of a new vaccine against tuberculosis

According to scientists, biogranules are used for the delivery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens (Mycobacterium tuberculosis or Mycobacterium bovis). They are natural polyesters, created by a non-tubercular bacterium (E. coli), reports.

It turns out that a popular spice is a weapon against cancer at the genetic level.

It is not a secret that many spices and herbs have anti-cancer properties. According to recent studies, Indian pungent long pepper (pippali) is one of such products, Zee News reports. This type of pepper has a substance (piperlongumine) that can stop the production of a particular enzyme in the body. This enzyme is normally found in large amounts in tumors.

Hallucinations can be the sign of vision deterioration but not brain deterioration.

If you see ghosts, do not hurry to contact a psychiatrist or an exorcist. Probably you just lose your eyesight, The Daily Mail reports. According to ophthalmologists, such hallucinations are the symptom of rare syndrome. It is known that macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma lead to loss of peripheral vision. But sometimes they are caused by Charles Bonnet syndrome characterized by hallucinations.

Neuroscientists say that the brain’s protection has a limited

British scientists have revealed that the brain's immune cells are updated only six times during the human lifetime. According to the experts, this discovery will allow them to cope with neurodegenerative diseases, "Pravda.RU" writes. In the center of the study were phagocytes which absorb the dead or damaged neurons, as well as fight with foreign elements.

Cardiologists: stress can destroy your heart and blood vessels

Scientists know that stress can lead to the development of heart disease and stroke. But only now they understand exactly how it happens, The Times of India reports. It turns out that stress causes increased activity in the amygdala of the brain. This resulted in enhanced development of bone marrow leukocytes and the accumulation of plaque in blood vessels

A new method for treatment of infertility in men was designed

Women are usually blamed as a cause of infertility mostly due to their natural ability to give birth. However, according to the latest global statistics, the proportion of male guilt in this problem is more significant and ranges from 45 to 70% of all cases of impossibility of conception. Whereas the female factor is more modest and it makes 25-50%, and infertility associated with common problems of both sexes is 10-25%.

Physicians: tattooing may result in an infection and cancer

The scientists of the University of Copenhagen and the University of Bradford believe that tattoos are harmful. Concerns are caused by the paints that are used for tattooing. These paints are carcinogenic and can provoke not only cancer but also other diseases, "Moskovskiy Komsomolec" writes. The paints contain mercury (red shades) and cobalt (blue, green). The analysis of 21 popular types of paints has revealed toxic substances in 13 of them.