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Scientists have found a

Scientists from the Karolinsky Institute have carried out a study in mice. They have revealed a "genetic switch" that regulates the growth of cancer cells. When it’s "off" the development of cancer in rodents was prevented. Normal cells were not damaged, as their growth is controlled by another "switch", The Hindustan Times reports.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus can be really cured with a very low-calorie diet

This is proved by Yale University, as Times of India notes. It is known that the disease is reversed in many patients experiencing a bariatric surgery (stomach bandaging or shunting). This kind of surgery causes increased calorie consumption.

Scientists have discovered a new class of antibiotics

Antibiotic bacteria resistance is one of the most acute problems in medicine. The lack of new drugs and the reckless use of antibiotics led to a major crisis in the treatment of infectious diseases. As The Daily Mail notes, many bacteria causing deadly diseases are not afraid of antibiotics, absolutely.

Scientists have found molecules that can destroy tumors

Selenium is a powerful antioxidant, useful for health. TrxR1 enzyme, containing selenium, supports the growth of cells and protects them from oxidative stress. Previous studies have shown that selenium is associated with the development of cancer, but this correlation is complex and not well studied, The Deccan Chronicle reports.

Experts have changed their attitude to vaccinations of pregnant women

American scientists from the US Centers for Control and Prevention of Diseases call on pregnant women not to be afraid of immunization and to become more actively vaccinated against the flu. Also, the experts suggest the introduction of adsorbed DTP vaccine, "Remedium" reports.

A remedy for gout may help people with heart failure

Heart failure occurs when the heart can not contract effectively and does not supply blood to all organs and tissues. American researchers have tried to solve this problem by means of a long-known remedy for gout, Medical News Today reports.

A new method will help to quickly identify a heart attack

A team of scientists has developed an algorithm that allows to quickly and efficiently identify a heart attack. According to the scientists, only 10% of patients with acute myocardial infarction symptoms turn to emergency departments. Thanks to a timely identified heart attack, many lives can be saved.

Scientists have discovered the secret weapon of deadly viruses

A human has a well thought-out, multistage protection against various pathogens known as the immune system. However, this system does not always cope with its task. According to Federal News Agency, scientists of McGill University have found out how deadly viruses attack the human immune system.

Australian researchers have found an

Healthy cells have a mechanism that stops inflammation in time. However this mechanism fails with some diseases. Inflammation presents in diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, gout and liver pathology. Scientists of Queensland University have found out how cells regulate the start and stop of inflammation, Zee News reports.

Scientists have made a breakthrough in the treatment of asthma

Modern treatment methods for asthma have many side effects. Medicinal products often quickly become ineffective, and some of them are simply toxic to humans. As The Daily Mail notes, American scientists together with their Chinese counterparts have developed a new medicine that can make life easier for patients with asthma.