A vitamins intake protects the body from air pollution effect

According to The Daily Mail, scientists from Columbia and Harvard Universities say that townspeople should take B vitamins. This compensates for the damage caused to the body by pollutants. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 92% of the world's population lives in areas where the pollution level exceeds the norm.

Doctors warn that a tick season has already started

Experts emphasize that both mushroom pickers and townspeople strolling in parks should be very vigilant. Ticks are often found after walking through parks and forest parks.

 Hepatitis increases the risk of Parkinson's disease

According to Zee News, people infected with the hepatitis B or C virus are prone to Parkinson's disease. This was shown by a new study conducted by specialists from Oxford University. The scientists have analyzed data from people with hepatitis B, hepatitis C, autoimmune hepatitis, chronic active hepatitis and HIV for 1999-2011.

Researchers found more about migraine

Scientists from the University of Michigan have found that dopamine falls and fluctuates during a migraine attack. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that regulates emotions, motivation and sensory perception. Perhaps the specialists’ discovery will lead to the development of new methods in migraine treatment, reports.

It proved that general anesthesia is harmful to the brain

Surgical interventions that involve prolonged use of anesthesia may cause unpleasant consequences. According to The Daily Mail, some brain damages were observed in patients under general anesthesia. And their effect persists for up to five days. British scientists have tested the effect produced by oxygen starvation (the result of anesthesia and insufficient oxygen supply during surgery).

A new drug gives patients with tuberculosis a hope.

Accordint to "Remedium", "Infectex" company has successfully carried out clinical studies of SQ109 preparation in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis with multiple drug-resistant pathogens. So, after half a year of experimental therapy, the incidence of bacterial overgrowth has increased up to 80% compared with standard therapy plus placebo (61%).

Insulin spray will help the people with cognitive impairment

There are more evidences that insulin performs a number of important functions in the brain. In the course of research, an insulin resistance, its decreased level in the cerebrospinal fluid and disturbed transmission of insulin signals in the brain were revealed in people suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Specialists from the University of Rush have suggested that apparently, an insulin spray will positively affect the cognitive functions in these people.

Scientists have found a mutation that causes infertility in women

The scientists still do not know the cause of 10 to 15% of cases of infertility and 50% of cases of usual (multiple) miscarriage. Researchers from Baylor College of Medicine have revealed a new mutation that reduces women's reproductive success and fertility, Zee News says.

Scientists have grown a heart tissue on spinach leaves

Modern technologies, including three-dimensional printing, do not allow creating a branched network of blood vessels right up to the capillaries. This is necessary for the oxygen and nutrients delivery providing a tissue growth. A team of researchers from the US is close to solving this problem, Eurek Alert reports.

The Great Britain considers the theme of

According to RIA News, it is known that the University of Newcastle became the first institution in the country that received a license for artificial insemination procedures using DNA of three people. The license was issued by the Ministry of Health. The law that permits an artificial insemination using the material of three people came into force in December 2016.