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Bacterial infection is the best alternative to dengue vaccine

Scientists have found that Wolbachia bacterium used to fight mosquitoes can be a very cheap and effective way to fight dengue virus.

A unique material kills bacteria without antibiotics

A group of scientists from NUST MISiS, has created a new material for medical implants that simplifies recovery from fractures, Remedium reports. The secret is to use platinum and iron nanoparticles. They allow to destroy up to 98% of harmful bacteria, as a result to reduce the risk of postoperative infections.

Scientists have tested a revolutionary diabetes therapy

Kadimastem Company from Israeli has reported that the rodent trials of the new IsletRx anti-diabetes drug have been successfully completed. As Xinhua notes, therapy is based on working pancreatic cells and a unique microencapsulation technology. The experiments have proved the safety of the delivery method and the effectiveness of therapy (blood sugar levels were within the normal range).

Oncologists have found the true cause of cancer

The University of Northern Carolina has established that mainly cancer develops as a result of the interaction of bacteria and glycoprotein MUC1, which covers the surface of epithelial cells in the body. According to Eurolab, MUC1 is present in almost all glandular epithelial cells.

Oral insulin capsules will replace insulin injections

Oramed Pharmaceuticals Company from Israeli has reported the successful test of insulin capsules helping to control diabetes. As Xinhua notes, a drug known as ORMD-0801 may become the first oral form of insulin.

Scientists have created a new influenza vacine

American researchers are working on a universal flu vaccine that should work against both seasonal and pandemic influenza. Clinical examination results were very encouraging - the vaccine showed efficacy.

An aneurysm has been removed by a robotic system for the first time in history

As Xinhua notes, a group of Canadian doctors performed the world's first brain aneurysm surgery by using a robotic system. According to the doctors, the use of robotic technologies may improve the quality of treatment for patients with aneurysm and stroke.

A unique patch may improve the heart abnormalities diagnosis

Zio patch applied to the chest can prevent stroke and heart attack by detecting an abnormal heartbeat. It is hard to identify the changes in heart rhythm that occur infrequently (1-2 times a week). According to The Daily Mail, Zio patch is approximately 8 times more effective than standard sensors that monitor the heartbeat.

Lenses treating myopia, will be available in 2020

In March next year, a unique product is going to be launched on the market in the United States - the first contact lenses named MiSight and manufactured by CooperVision are intended to slow down the development of myopia in children aged 8-12 years, Remedium reports..

ANANTA MEDICARE T took part in the 30th international pharmaceutical exhibition CPHL WORLDWIDE 2019

CPhI Worldwide is one of the largest pharmaceutical exhibitions in the world. The exhibition includes six thematic zones representing each stage of the pharmaceutical manufacturing chain from equipment and packaging to outsourcing and biopharmaceuticals.