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New technologies may eliminate the need to drink pills on schedule

As Eurek Alert notes, Houston Methodist Hospital has tested a unique drug delivery system that may become indispensable for patients with chronic illnesses, such as arthritis, diabetes and heart disease. This is a small implant with nano-channels that can be remotely controlled via Bluetooth.

Scientists are getting closer to an effective HIV therapy

As The Daily Mail notes, western experts have managed to remove HIV traces from rodent DNA. This was done by using drug therapy and genome editing method. The rodents used in the experiment could produce human T-lymphocytes (immune cells) susceptible to HIV.

Antioxidant can make anti-cancer therapy truly effective.

According to Medical Express, American scientists have revealed of how to make immune therapy, such as T-cell therapy and transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells (THC), more effective. They propose to change T-cells by using thioredoxin - a natural antioxidant.

Biologists have learned how to select the perfect antibiotic

Biologists have studied pathogen communication patterns, The Daily Mail reports. As a result, a test identifying the presence of bacteria and making a diagnosis in 30 seconds has been designed. This may help to assign the most appropriate therapy as soon as possible.

Nanoparticles are able to restore the spinal cord after injury

According to N+1, the scientists of Michigan University have tested the power of nanoparticles on rodents. The particles enhanced the growth of new nerve fibers and helped the mice to quickly regain the partial mobility of the hind limbs. It is known that neutrophils and monocytes (immune cells) enter the zone of spinal cord injury. These cells begin to secrete pro-inflammatory compounds, leading to an increase in vascular permeability, edema formation, death of neurons, the destruction of axons myelin sheath (processes of nerve cells) and the disruption of their functioning as well.

Provisor Club School – together again!

The second event of the All-Ukrainian training course by Ananta Medicare - Provisor Club School for pharmacists and pharmaceutists was held on June 12, 2019 in Zaporizhia!

The experimental preparation eliminates consequences of traumatic brain injury

Scientists from the University of California treated mice received craniocerebral trauma with ISRIB preparation (CCT). Scientists have established that the preparation helped rodents to remember new information. Previous studies have shown that ISRIB improved memory in healthy mice, reports.

Anti-acne remedy proves its vascular efficacy

According to The Daily Mail, this remedy prevents heart attacks and strokes by maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels. It is about reducing the risk of atherosclerosis caused by calcium precipitations, which reduce the lumen of blood vessels and make their wall more rigid.

Special light exposure is a salvation from oncology and injuries

Hudson Medical Research Institute and Swinburne University have developed a method for treating cancer and soft tissue injuries with light. According to Xinhua, a new photodynamic remedy IXV-PO2 has been tested on ovarian cancer cells. The remedy has allowed to destroy cancer cells in vitro.

Discovery: dietary supplements containing vitamin D can save you from death

Studies have shown that such supplements reduce the mortality rate caused by cancer, "Vademecum" reports. Scientists believe that it is critically important for cancer patients to maintain a normal level of vitamin D. Statistics shows that cancer patients often suffer from vitamin D deficiency. For residents of northern countries, this is especially important, because vitamin D is produced by the body due to sunlight. However, not everyone can boast about abundance of the liver, eggs and oily fish (sources of vitamin D) in the diet.