The study has shown that Vitamin C is able to defeat cancer

According to Science World Report, Vitamin C is 10 times more efficient than one of the experimental anti-cancer drugs. This fact was discovered by researchers from the University of Salford. The scientists have studied the effects of experimental medications and natural substances, including ascorbic acid (vitamin C), on the growth of cancer cells.

Pharmacist Day 2019

Pharmaceutical company Ananta Medicare actively participated in the celebration, in particular, at «PHARM UKRAINE-2019» International Exhibition of Pharmaceutical Production Achievements.

Scientists have found a medicine for schizophrenia among vitamins

Vitamin supplements can powerfully affect the human’s condition. British experts from the University of Manchester have found that the addition of vitamins B6, B8 and B12 in the diet of patients with schizophrenia increases the effectiveness of medications, and also reduces the risk of disease recurrence, "M24.RU" reports.

Scientists have demonstrated the possibility of getting rid of type 2 diabetes

There are about 400 million people with type 2 diabetes in the world. It is possible to prevent the development of this disease if you monitor your weight, do exercises and have a balanced diet. But recent studies show that you can reverse the already developed ailment, Science Alert reports.

The patch-sensor will show whether the prescribed therapy works

Scientists of London Imperial College have presented a unique system that tracks the changes in the level of antibiotics in the body in real-time. There is no analogue of such technology that uses microneedle biosensors (small skin patches), Mirage News reports.

New blood test is another breakthrough in cancer diagnosis

According to TASS, the University of Harvard has developed a simple and effective diagnosis and localization system for more than 20 types of cancer. The analysis is based on the results of a study of DNA parts in the patient’s blood. A search for the so-called methyl tags (attached methyl groups) is carried out. This is a more effective method compared to conventional DNA decoding.

Physicians told how to identify the flu symptoms

Influenza and upper respiratory tract infections require different therapy. To distinguish between these infections, you should carefully monitor the symptoms. "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" refers to Andrei Tyazhelnikov, the chief expert in primary care centre of the Moscow Health Department. The expert recalls that upper respiratory tract infections are usually a mild illness, but influenza can cause dangerous complications.

A new test can identify pancreatic cancer by urine analysis

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest cancer diseases. Its early diagnosis may save a patient’s life. According to Remedium, clinical trials of a test system capable of diagnosing pancreatic cancer, even at an early stage, by urine analysis, are initiated in the UK.

Intestinal bacteria may reduce the risk of cancer

According to scientists from Babraham Institute, different diets alter the bacterial composition of the intestine. This, in turn, affects the genes and the risk of developing colorectal cancer increases. The scientists have carried out experiments in mice and cell cultures. According to Medical News Today the researchers were interested in what role the short-chain fatty acids play in disease prevention.

Researchers have presented the first vaccine against dental caries

As Med News notes, scientists of the Wuhan Institute of Virology have successfully tested a vaccine, which fights dangerous microflora and prevents dental caries. As previous studies have shown, Streptococcus mutans bacteria living in the oral cavity may cause caries.