New antibiotic for the treatment of mycoplasmosis and resistant STDs

Mycoplasma genitalium is a problematic causative agent of urinary tract infections that does not always respond to standard treatment

New combo for lung cancer

Roche Company plans to heal as many patients as possible from advanced NSCLC

Diabetes medications help to fight gout

Patients, who received innovative antidiabetic drugs, have a lower risk of gout compared to those who received modern antidiabetic drugs

A new development on the most powerful cancer drug

Emergence Therapeutics is working on the clinical development of its lead candidate that targets nectin-4

A new class mRNA vaccine against omicron

CEPI and Gritstone bio have entered into a deal to develop a candidate for a vaccine against omicron

The symptoms of the delta variant may appear even on the third day

Scientists have found that the delta variant incubation period can be 3-5 days

Herbal analogue of ibuprofen

Scientists believe that some parts of Psychotria insularum can be used in traditional pharmaceutical production