Effect of omega-3 fatty acid on atrial fibrillation

After four trials over the past two years, scientists have found a link between atrial fibrillation and taking omega-3 fatty acids.

The safety of gene therapy for Fabry disease has been proven

Based on the results of a three-year study, we can hope that people who live with Fabry disease will have a chance to be cured in the nearest future.

Most exciting research of 2021

Medscape has compiled its own top of the most important and interesting studies conducted in 2021 in the field of pharmacy.

Arthritis drug to be repurposed to treat Alzheimer's disease

Scientists have used an artificial intelligence to find new drugs to treat Alzheimer's disease.

Scorpion venom will be used to treat heart attacks

Scientists have found that scorpion venom contains a peptide that has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

Elafibranor is effective for patients with autoimmune cholangitis

Studies have shown that patients with primary biliary cholangitis who received elafibranor had decreased alkaline phosphatase levels after 12 weeks.

Spray for coronavirus

Researchers from the Netherlands propose their own way to stop the epidemic.

Allerginol Plus is a new antiallergic drug in the portfolio of Ananta Medicare LTD

In December 2021, a new antihistamine Allerginol Plus was added to the portfolio of medicinal products of Ananta Medicare LTD.