VIR Biotechnology has demonstrated a new effective drug for hepatitis B prevention

Clinical studies on VIR-2218 have shown an effective result in the fight against hepatitis B.

Orphan drug status has been assigned to new glioblastoma drug

The FDA has assigned an orphan drug status to a drug based on rhenium nanoliposom.

Tumor hypoxia - a new method for fighting cancer

A new class of drugs such as HIF-2α inhibitors is considered as an addition to standard cancer immunotherapy.

Development of a new generation of immunomodulators

Chinese scientists are actively engaged in the development of improved immunomodulators.

Scientists have revealed plastic particles in human bodies

Studies have shown that, on average, people eat about 5 grams of plastic every week.

New genome editing technology

A new control dyslipidemia method has been proposed instead of appropriate statins and lipid-lowering drugs.

Scientists have developed a new rabies vaccine

Chinese scientists have developed a unique vaccine that is safe and has low adverse reactions.

«Recharging the brain» is a new development of scientists

Scientists have found a way to "recharge" and increase the brain’s performance.

Pharmacologists have developed a way to treat a rare disease as Wolfram Syndrome

At the moment there is no cure for this disease, but scientists have found out how the disease progresses and how to deal with it in the future.

An invisible glucose sensor developed by INDIGO DIABETES

A high-tech medical device company develops the world's first invisible sensor for people with diabetes.