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Scientists have made a step towards getting a vaccine against all types of flu

Scientists from the United States (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) are carrying out clinical trials of the universal flu vaccine. They have evaluated its safety and ability to stimulate the immune response in healthy volunteers, Xinhua reports.

Scientists have managed to grow artificial pancreatic cells

Medicine School of Washington University has presented the results of its latest work - scientists succeeded in turning stem cells into beta cells that produce insulin

Scientists have presented a new, safer alternative for statins.

According to The Daily Mail, the developers propose to reduce cholesterol levels by using bempedoic acid.

Ultrasound has become a real help for arthritis.

American scientists from the General Electric Research Center have made an unexpected discovery

ANANTA MEDICARE took part in Ukrainian Pharmaceutical School conference.

ANANTA MEDICARE took part in the exhibition and seminar "Ukrainian Pharmaceutical School", which took place on February 8 in Kharkiv

Neurologists have tested a unique method of brain rejuvenation

A bone marrow transplant taken from a young donor can have an amazing effect on an aging body. The bone marrow of a healthy young mouse was transplanted to old mice.

An effective alternative to insulin injections has been presented.

Insulin delivery capsule is an alternative to injections!

Syrup Alteyka Ananta

The product line of the company Ananta Medicare has been replenished with Alteyka syrup. The main component of the syrup – Althea root, has long been known for its healing properties, due to the high content of natural substances such as polysaccharides.

Anantavati Kids: herbal syrup for children and adults

Anantavati® brand has shown itself as a highly effective, safe anti-stress phytoneuro-regulator among healthcare professionals: neurologists, family doctors / therapists, cardiologists, etc. It should be noted that a lot of neurological and emotional disorders, such as impulsivity, hyperactivity, irritability, impaired learning and concentration, as well as inattention, usually occur in childhood. If such disorders are not treated in a timely manner, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may occur.

Herbal remedy for the normalization of bowel functions is already in the range of pharmacies!

A new herbal complex Fibolex, produced by ANANTA MEDICARE LTD, has already appeared at the pharmacies of your city. This herbal complex contains three active ingredients, such as psyllium seed husk, green tea extract and natural wheat fibres. Each of the components has many positive effects.