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Scientists have told how dangerous for society the refusal of vaccinations is

American scientists have predicted the likely risk due to the growing tendency of vaccine refusal, as well as they have assessed the possible material damage associated with an increased incidence of measles, parotiditis and rubella.

Arthritis remedy can cope with bone marrow diseases

Myeloproliferative diseases are a group of diseases in which the bone marrow produces too many erythrocytes, leukocytes or platelets.

Training sessions are the way to prevent the inflammatory processes in the body.

Any kind of physical activity, whether it is running or weight training, is useful. As Live Science notes, it allows you to cure inflammation. It is commonly known that inflammation is the genuine reaction of the body to trauma, which helps to prevent infection. However, chronic inflammation by itself causes many problems, including diabetes and heart diseases.

Scientists are ready to present a new kind of powerful antibiotics

The enzyme LpxC is crucially important for outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria formation. Recently it became known that scientists of Duke University managed to block the activity of this enzyme. This was the first step towards obtaining antibiotics a new class of antibiotics generating. As Medportal notes, the substance, blocking LpxC, perfectly handled with the bacteria that were not susceptible to standard antibiotics.

Unusual nanoparticles put an end to one of the most dangerous types of cancer.

Neuroblastoma is an insidious form of the nervous system cancer, which affects children more often than other types of cancer. Its resistant types are not susceptible to even radiotherapy, as Eurek Alert notes.

Scientists say that the process of new vessels forming can be turned into disease preventing.

The University of Bristol found out how the cellules surrounding the blood vessels (pericytes) stimulate the growth of new vessels. Therein, the hormone leptin is involved, as Eurek Alert informs. Leptin is produced by fat cellules, facilitating of the energy balance regulation in the body by suppressing appetite.

Experts considered the full course of antibiotics to be undue and dangerous

Few are aware how to take antibiotics. Tass notes:” It is widely accepted that antibiotics treatment can’t be stopped earlier than recommended, despite the regression. The World Health Organization also says about that, but the Medical School of Brighton and Sussex’s staff claim the opposite"

Discovery: the immune system works like the brain

According to Xinhua, scientists from the National University of Australia have discovered a unique activity of the human immune system. This discovery can help to cure autoimmune diseases, lymphomas and immune deficiencies.

Influenza virus is going to become a terrible weapon against cancer

A common influenza virus has a unique power that can destroy cancer cells in cancer patients, The Daily Mail reports. As part of the experiment, scientists are going to test the in vivo-derived strain of influenza. It will be administered to sick mice and several patients with cancer.