New express-test for cancer is designed

The fast and simple test for tumors was presented by the scientists at Swansea Science Festival in the UK. The test indicates red blood cells’ alterations that occur in the human body when the cancer cells present.

Scientists have found mutations associated with a rare neurological disorder

Scientists of Brown’s University have revealed that the disease, detected at the brothers and sisters of two families in Pakistan and Oman, is associated with changes in GPT2 gene. It encodes an enzyme which plays an important role in mitochondria - "power plants" of cells. The study was started over 5 years ago, NDTV reports.

Scientists have explained why many hereditary diseases are difficult to eradicate

So, some genetic variants that increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease or cancer do not leave from generation to generation. It turns out that the process helping people to resist pathogens, allows the problematic mutations to occur again in the genome. That is, the law of evolutionary selection does not work here, The Economic Times says.

New diuretic TORIKARD tablets 5 mg and 10 mg will be launched on the Ukrainian market in the near future.

In the near future, a new product of the company Ananta Medicare LTD. - TORIKARD tablets 5 mg and 10 mg №30 will be launched on the Ukrainian market.

ANANTA MEDICARE LTD. has registered in Ukraine, a new product -

By the MoH Order №872 dated 19 August 2016 in Ukraine, ANANTA MEDICARE LTD. has registered a new medicinal product used for erectile dysfunction: Sildenafil 50 Ananta, 50 mg tablets №4; Sildenafil 100 Ananta, 100 mg tablets №4.

FLORIUM has passed the voluntary certification of goods LLC

Let us remind that on April 8 and May 26, 2016 the company ANANTA MEDICARE LTD. obtained the state registration certificate on food supplement FLORIUM capsules and №14 in bulk №1000 (Italy) in EAEC (the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan). This allows to sell the product in all countries listed above.

A unique sweetener

Scientists constantly look for safe sweeteners. The latest development is a fruit protein brazzein. It is sweeter than regular sugar, and it contains fewer calories, Lab Manager says. But the protein has a problem: if it is obtained directly from the fruit harvested in West Africa, it may be very expensive. Therefore, the scientists have made the fungi to produce the protein in vitro and in large quantities.

Scientists claim that the new anesthetic is more effective than morphine

Scientists say, they have developed an alternative to morphine, which does not cause breathing problems. A respiratory arrest is one of the main causes of death with an overdose of morphine, The Australian says. Plus, the alternative is not addictive.

Unique sensor is able to detect a heart attack in a minute

It was developed by scientists from the National Institute of Science and Technology of Ulsan. Immunosensor measures the level of cardiac troponin I (cTnI) - a protein that enters the blood after a heart attack. For diagnose, only one drop of blood is needed. The result appears in a minute, NDTV says.

New method will allow to monitor a genes’ activity in a brain

It helps to identify the areas where genes are "turned off". This method might simplify the diagnosis of disorders such as Alzheimer's disease or schizophrenia. The new technique is a type of positron emission tomography (PET), says Popular Science.