Cardiologists: stress can destroy your heart and blood vessels

Scientists know that stress can lead to the development of heart disease and stroke. But only now they understand exactly how it happens, The Times of India reports. It turns out that stress causes increased activity in the amygdala of the brain. This resulted in enhanced development of bone marrow leukocytes and the accumulation of plaque in blood vessels

A new method for treatment of infertility in men was designed

Women are usually blamed as a cause of infertility mostly due to their natural ability to give birth. However, according to the latest global statistics, the proportion of male guilt in this problem is more significant and ranges from 45 to 70% of all cases of impossibility of conception. Whereas the female factor is more modest and it makes 25-50%, and infertility associated with common problems of both sexes is 10-25%.

Physicians: tattooing may result in an infection and cancer

The scientists of the University of Copenhagen and the University of Bradford believe that tattoos are harmful. Concerns are caused by the paints that are used for tattooing. These paints are carcinogenic and can provoke not only cancer but also other diseases, "Moskovskiy Komsomolec" writes. The paints contain mercury (red shades) and cobalt (blue, green). The analysis of 21 popular types of paints has revealed toxic substances in 13 of them.

In the New Year with the care of neighbors

We are glad to announce that on the eve of the New Year, our company has provided a charitable assistance to "FaMiLy" public organization, namely, 39 families having many children. Looking at their beaming smile you begin to realize how important to remember the people who are near and in need of our help.

A certain diet is the secret of salvation from the symptoms of gout and arthritis

The inflammation associated with gout often causes a severe pain. But a recent study has allowed to reveal an unexpected solution of this problem. It turns out that a high-fiber diet helps to lower inflammation levels and alleviate pain, Zee News reports.

You can get a psychological trauma without even being a participant of unpleasant events

It was found that in case when a person just hears any information about some type of catastrophe from another person, the brain information processing scheme is changed and the risk of post-traumatic stress disorders is increased, DNA India reports.

Happy New Year!

2017 is the year of Red Fire Rooster. According to astrologers, in the eastern calendar the Rooster is a symbol of renewal as well as the beginning of something new and unknown. Therefore, the coming year promises to change the lives of everyone. 2017 brings luck for purposeful and persistent people! But the rooster will help only those who do something to achieve their desires and takes willpower.

Scientists promise that

Specialists have almost reached the victory over the aging. Recently, the medicinal product has been created. Thank to this medicinal product older mice began to run faster and live longer. Also in rodents new hair began to grow. The remedy removed the cells that have been accumulated in the rodents’ skin in the process of aging, The Daily Mail reports.

The study has shown that scents help children to make decisions,

140 children aged 3 to 11 years participated in the study conducted by the scientists of Monell Center. The volunteers were given three seconds to smell one of the three scents (rose, fish or neutral). After that, two photos of the same person were demonstrated, Psych Central reports.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Please accept our sincere congratulations with upcoming New Year and Christmas! We are always in a special mood in these holidays. We speak kindly to one another and bring the happiness to someone you know and love! Let these important feelings remain in your heart as long as possible! May your new 2017 will be full of creation, welfare and family happiness! We wish you good health, good spirits and the best of luck in all of your future endeavors!